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This is my main private website, conceived as a hub to all of my private interests and private software projects.
Steinberg is a company which has developed professional audio-software for quite some years now. Applications like Nuendo (digital audio workstation software) or Cubase (midi-sequencer and audio-recording) are in broad use by pro's and semi-pro's as well. One of their latest tools is V-STack. A nice standalone host-application for soft-synths and effects based on the VST- plugin-architecture.
Native Instruments produces some of the finest softsynth-plugins like the FM7 (a DX7 clone), Reaktor (a modular synthesizer), Absynth (a semi-modular synth) or the Kontakt (a disk-streaming sampler).
Spectrasonics are well known for some of the greatest virtual instruments available. Stuff like Trilogy, Stylus RMX, Atmosphere and the new Omnisphere are cool tools for music-production.
On this homepage you can find plenty of information about VST-effects and plugins.
This is a nice open-source host-application for VST-instruments. Latency is not really great yet (due to the fact that MME is used instead of ASIO). But who knows what might happen in the future ;)
Here you can find some good source-code for programming ASIO and VST in Delphi, as well as good amount of DSP-code.
This is the company I work for. We are developing some cool ISDN and VoIP telephony and fax-solutions. -
Pimp my Mood and beJazzed are the bands of my wife.

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