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Here you can find detailed information about the installation and operation of ASIO2KS and about it's compatibility with different soundcards and audio-applications.

As this driver does not replace the original driver of the soundcard, no compatibility-problems with other applications can be expected. During ASIO-use the soundcard will not be available for other applications though.

Installation and Configuration

Installation of ASIO2KS is done in a breeze. The driver is actually just one file: ASIO2KS.CPL which has to be put in the System32 directory of your PC. Afterwards you can open your system control panel. A new icon will be placed there. Double-clicking this will show the following dialog:

Select the soundcard to be used (in case you have multiple soundcards in your system) and the specific ports on this card. The last action you need to take is to set a latency-value. This value depends on the soundcard you have, the performance of your CPU and the complexity of the software you want to run.
That's it - your are all set to use ASIO with your favorite audio-application!

Soundcard compatibility

This is a small list of soundcards already tested with ASIO2KS. This list will be updated in the future to include additional tested environments.
One thing of importance: For USB-devices the standard-MS-driver (usbaudio.sys) seems to give the best performance. For "normal" PCI-soundcards most of the time the specific drivers of the sound-card-manufacturer should provide better performance than the drivers that are shipped with MS Windows 2000 or XP!

Edirol UA-1A (USB)
4msec, Athlon 1500, Windows 2000, V-STack, The Grand (max performance)

Terratec EWX 24/96 (PCI)
2msec, Athlon 1500, Windows 2000, V-STack, The Grand (max performance)

Asus P4T533-C (onboard)
2msec, P4 2400, Windows XP, FM7

Soundblaster 128 (PCI)
24msec, P2 400, Windows 2000, FM7

Software compatibility

Here is a list of ASIO-applications that have been tested successfully with ASIO2KS.

Steinberg V-STack (standalone host)

Steinberg Cubase SX (midi-sequencer)

XLUTOP Chainer (standalone host)

Native Instruments FM7 (softsynth)

Native Instruments Absynth (softsynth)

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